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Welcome to the 3StepAcademy - Dental Revolution STEP Academy

The place where ADDITIVE dentistry is the only way.

3 STEP Academy – Facing the loss of tooth structure, a subtractive mind will keep removing. An ADDITIVE mind… will preserve it all!
The paradigm shift in our profession is happening, and patients requesting this change are looking more and more for ADDITIVE dentists.

Join this “dental revolution” and become one of us by learning the 3 STEP Technique developed by Dr. Francesca Vailati. 3 STEP Technique will help you plan and treat worn down dentitions with minimal intervention and maximal patient satisfaction.
You can learn the 3 STEP Technique either by attending the Practical Courses or Theoretical Lectures taught by Dr. Vailati.

3 STEP Academy Practical Courses

The practical courses consist of 2 INTENSE Courses. Each lasts 3 days, which are the perfect time frame to absorb new information.
You will participate in several different hand-on parts and you have time between the two courses to practice the different steps of the 3 STEP Technique in your own practice.
The INTENSE Courses are taught in Annecy, close to Geneva, where Dr. Vailati lives and teaches.

3 Step Academy - Dental Revolution
3 Step Academy Theoretical Lectures

3 STEP Academy Theoretical Lectures

If you need an introductory lecture about the 3 STEP Technique, Dr. Vailati teaches theoretical lectures mainly around Europe during the year.

View a typical example of a 90 minutes theoretical lecture of the 3STEP Technique here.

These theoretical courses can be booked by external course coordinators.

Theoretical courses