Welcome to the 3StepAcademy - Dental Revolution STEP Academy

The place where ADDITIVE dentistry is the only way.

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Welcome to the 3STEP Academy. ​

Welcome to the
3StepAcademy - Dental Revolution STEP Academy

The place where ADDITIVE dentistry is the only way.

If you wonder what this is, imagine that you can learn to do the dentistry that you would like to receive for your mouth, with less complications, emergencies, and higher patients’ satisfaction.

It is a revolution in dentistry that started in 2004 with a clinical and laboratory protocol that i developed to restored severe worn down dentitions, the 3step technique. ​

Back then i was a subtractive classic prosthodontist and my professional life was not what i would have liked for the rest of my career. i was not happy with the way i was doing dentistry and instead of complaining, i have developed a new way of working… the additive dentistry. ​

Since the future of our profession goes in this direction, i have created this academy to teach other dentists additive adhesive prosthodontics.​

Join this “dental revolution, and learn the 3step approach to discover the multiple applications in your every day private practice. ​

Looking forwards to tell you more…

Francesca Vailati

Welcome to the
3StepAcademy - Dental Revolution STEP Academy

The place where ADDITIVE dentistry is the only way.

The 3STEP Academy can provide training, based on your needs and expectations.

There are so many topics, since the 3STEP is a protocol to achieve an esthetic and functional stabilization of patients affected by different problems, such as bruxism, erosion, unstable occlusion, failing old crowns and bridges etc.

These patients need more than just single tooth dentistry. ​

A global rehabilitation is necessary, starting from a correct diagnosis and the development of the project with the laboratory technician, to arrive to the therapy, based on advance adhesive restorations, when ever possible. ​

To define your study plan in this academy it is necessary to know which is your level of expertise in the field of full-mouth rehabilitation.​

Are you a student, a general practitioner, a classic prosthodontist, an orthodontics, a gnathologists? ​

The 3STEP is there to help you, to provide a simpler (but not superficial) protocol so you do not get lost, while facing more complex cases of treatments.​

Welcome to the
3StepAcademy - Dental Revolution STEP Academy

The place where ADDITIVE dentistry is the only way.

To start your 3STEP education, you should apply for the courses One&Two.

They are given in two different manners: Face to Face Life streaming.

Afterwards, you can continue your training with the course called Funfunction, to enter in the world of gnathology especially if you are treating dysfunctional patients. ​

Online video lectures are also available for you. they are divided in 4 groups and they partially cover the topics explained in the courses one, two and funfunction. they can be your first contact with the academy to decide if this type of dentistry suits you, before applying for other courses.​

Another elearning option that we propose is to participate to life streaming events, called the 3step concerts, to update you on the new developments in the 3step world or to analyse with dr. vailati very hot topics in the field of additive prosthodontics.​

Finally, since the goal of the 3STEP academy is to train clinicians to really treat patients, following the additive vision of the 3STEP, you can have the possibility to discuss your own cases with dr. vailati herself, or join the treatment plan discussion of other clinicians in live streaming. this is called the v consultation.​

If you need more guidance in selecting your path in the 3step academy please let us know to better guide you. ​

The 3STEP team​


The practical courses consist of 2 courses. Each lasts 2 days. They are called ONE and TWO.

You will participate in several hand-on parts and you will have time between the two courses to absorb better the new information, to see the worn down dentitions of your patients with different eyes, and may be even to start 3 STEPs in your own practice.

Extremely precious is the treatment plan session, proposed in the TWO course, where clinicians are invitate to bring their own cases, which will be discussed together using the 3 STEP protocol. Due to the very intense amount of new inputs, another course has been created, FUNFUNCTION, to discuss about function and dysfunction, and to push the 3 STEP for more complex cases. Also in this course the participants will bring their own cases to be discussed with the group and dr. Vailati. This is a unique experience which can be considered the practical course… of the BRAIN!!!!

3 STEP Academy Practical Courses
3 STEP Academy Theoretical Lectures

3 STEP Academy Theoretical Lectures

If you need an introductory lecture about the 3 STEP Technique, Dr. Vailati teaches theoretical lectures mainly around Europe during the year.

View a typical example of a 90 minutes theoretical lecture of the

3STEP Technique HERE.

These theoretical courses can be booked by external course coordinators.

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3StepAcademy number 3 STEP

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Face to Face Courses


The courses ONE and TWO will be also available live streaming. Convenience is one of the main reasons people love eLearning.

Distance learning has no barriers. You don’t need to travel or wait to be allowed to travel to attend Dr. Vailati’s lectures. All you need is a digital device and Internet access.

The key here is to make the whole experience memorable and easy to go through. The life streaming courses are excellent to make this world a smaller place, from your home to ours.

inscription’s are open : One&Two Live Courses

Course 4

Full 4 days of courses : EUR 2,900 €

Course 5



3STEP ONLINE lectures are available anytime, making it possible for you to study whenever they feel like: when commuting, during their lunch break, or at home.

By transitioning to digital format, costs are cut, freed up time, and increased training efficiency. And  consistent, high-quality training is provided

If you do not know anything about the 3STEP world, start with the first group INTRODUCTION. 

If you want to see your patients with different eyes you need the webinars in the 2 group DIAGNOSIS. 

If you want to stabilise patients following the 3STEP protocol you then need the 3 group of webinars.

Finally if you need more training (everyone does!!!) about function, in the new entry group there are 3 webinars to start the functional training NEW ENTRY.