Discover the additive world!

Are you familiar with No Invasive Dentistry?

Here a taste of it!

It is a revolution in dentistry that started in 2004 with a clinical and laboratory protocol that I developed to restored severe worn-down dentitions, the 3STEP METHOD. 

Back then I was a subtractive classic prosthodontis, and my professional life was not what I would have liked for the rest of my career. I was not happy with the way I was doing dentistry and instead of complaining, I have developed a new way of working… the ADDITIVE  dentistry.

Since the future of our profession goes in this direction, I have created this academy to teach other dentists additive adhesive prosthodontics.

Join this dental revolution and learn the 3STEP approach to discover the multiple applications in your everyday private practice.
Looking forwards to tell you more…

Francesca Vailati

Ceramic onlay with 0.5mm thickness

Direct White Bite

Composite restorations done with transparent key

Digital project for the White Bite

Composite Palatal veneer

Ceramic Step Veneer

Transparent keys

Ttech, teflon in the embrasures

Etching ceramic intraorally

Sausage technique for incisal edges

Dentin preparation for sealing

Sandblasting with Aluminium oxide

Composite on the tooth before the transparent key

CAD/CAM monolithic composite TACOS

Anterior Stop, digital project

Different types of White Bite

CAD/CAM composite Palatal veneers

Mock up key

Cervical fitting of a Taco

Monolithic composite Tacos esthetic outcome

Palatal veneers fitting

CAD/CAM mock up

CAD/CAM monolithic composite Tacos

External mock up removal

Indirect White Bite

Rubber dam isolation for perfect adhesion

Final result after Anterior Upgrade

CAD/CAM mock up

Indirect White Bite try-in

White Bite digital project

External mock up

Ready to position the transparent key

Taco try-in

Taco F point exposed

External mock-up

Taco as a V shape restoration

Palatal excesses with the External mock up

Palatal composite veneer, C point

Analogic wax up for direct White Bite

External wax up palatal aspect

Direct White Bite

Isolation before Taco delivering

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