A clinician who would like to follow a basic 3STEP training has the option to attend two two-day courses, called ONE and TWO. The first course (ONE) will focus on the basic diagnosis of dental wear, especially considering dental erosion. The STEP 1 (esthetic mock up) and STEP 2 (white bite) of the 3STEP will be discussed, with particular attention to the increase of VDO and the planning of the progressive wax up.

The second course (TWO) will deal with the restoration of the anterior teeth, especially the palatal veneers.
The participants will fabricate with their laboratory technician 3-6 palatal veneers ready to be bonded, using the models of a real case. In addition, they will bring a case of dental wear to be discussed together. ONE and TWO are also indicated for laboratory technicians since the interaction between clinician and technician is fundamental for the success of the 3STEP.