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VIDEO-LECTURE 14: The 15 questions on the incisal edges

Don’t … don’t rush to repair damaged incisal edges. Think, instead… think why they broke before considering how to repair them. Invest just a little time to understand the cause of the problem. Why? To explain, for instance, the limit of a quick, partial intervention and to push for a more intelligent and comprehensive therapy.

In this webinars, I will illustrate 15 questions, and the answers that come to my mind, before touching damaged incisal edges, to speed up the diagnosis, the communication with the patient and set a better treatment plan.

In this webinar you will:

  • Lear to more performant to talk about erosion and dysfunction
  • Look at the shape of the incisal edges and understand the potential risk of failure of the restorations
  • Test if the planned repair can be integrated in the patient’s function, before starting the final restoration