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VIDEO-LECTURE 13: How to Start a 3 STEP … The Lab point of view

This webinar is perfect for the laboratory technician who would like to understand his/her role in the 3STEP planning. The 3 STEP is a dance: the lab tech starts with the external waxup and the clinician validates it clinically with a mock up. Then, the lab tech proposes a new shape for the posterior teeth and the clinician transfers this project in the patient’s mouth and the test drive starts… This not just a progressive wax up; this is an interaction, where everyone must follow his/her steps, like a dance, to provide the best outcome, with little mistakes and no remakes.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the one and two laboratory steps of the progressive wax up of the 3STEP
  • Receive clear guidelines on how to increase of VDO