Francesca Vailati

In 2000 she received her dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and in 2003 earned a certificate in Prosthodontics along with a M.S.D. degree from the University of Connecticut (USA).

Upon her return to Europe in 2003 she joined the department of Fixed Prosthodontics headed by Prof. Urs Belser at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), where she holds the post of senior lecturer.

Dr. Vailati maintains a part-time private practice in Geneva, dedicated to aesthetic restorative dentistry and prosthodontics.

She has contributed several articles in the field of restorative dentistry and implantology and lectures internationally on a variety of topics related to dental wear and ADDITIVE dentistry.

In 2006 he obtained his degree as Doctor of Dentistry with the mention CUM LAUDE, from the University of Pavia, Italy.

He completed a Master in endodontics with Dr. Fabio Gorni, in Milan, Italy in 2008.

He participated in continuing education courses with Dr. Didier Dietschi and Dr. Pascal Magne, during 2011 and 2012 in Geneva.

In 2013, he worked along with Dr. Francesca Vailati, in Geneva and continued to be part of the 3STEP Academy contributing with his experience to teach the 3STEP technique.

Dr. Giuseppe Puma maintain a full-time private practice in Lombardy, dedicated to Aesthetic restorative Dentistry and Additive Dentistry.

In 2008 he obtained his Doctor of Dentistry degree from Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile.

In 2014 he completed his Prosthodontics program with the mention MAGNA CUM LAUDE at the Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago, Chile.

His love for teaching led him to pursue in 2018 a certificate program in medical education at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MSc in medical education in 2022 at Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile.

In 2020 he began his training with Dr. Francesca Vailati, obtaining his certification in Additive Dentistry at 3STEPacademy. He is a member of the 3STEP ACADEMY and an ambassador in South America.

Dr. Alonso Hidalgo Salas currently works as a full professor in the prosthodontics specialization program at the Andrés bello University, as well as a prosthodontist at the San José medical complex in Chile where he is dedicated to Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry and Additive Dentistry.

In 1998 she obtained the diploma of Medecine at the university of Valencia, Spain. She worked in several hospitals in Switzerland where she was homologated before starting dental school.

In 2004 she received her dental degree from the University of Geneva.
Then, since 2004 she joined the department of Cariology and Endodontics with Prof Krecji and Prof D. Dietschi where she obtained her degree as Doctor in 2011 and she has contributed several articles in the field of conservative and additive approach for restoration of dental wear.

She worked since 2009 at the prosthodontics department with Prof Belser and with Prof I. Sailer, where she worked along with Dr. F. Vailati and continued to be a part of the 3 STEP academy.

She has maintained various teaching positions in both departments since 2004 until 2019.

Dr. Ana Argente maintains a part-time private practice in Lausanne, dedicated to aesthetic restorative, conservative and additive prosthodontics dentistry.