3StepAcademy number 3 STEP Academy | Theorical Lectures

If you need an introductory lecture in the 3STEP Technique, Dr. Francesca Vailati teaches theoretical lectures of various lengths mainly around Europe during the year.

The 3STEP Technique

Full-mouth ADDITIVE rehabilitation of worn down dentitions

Dentitions affected by wear (related to dental erosion or parafunctional habits) are an increasing and common problem for patients. Therefore it is important for the clinic to have the abilities to make an early diagnosis, as well as complete a treatment that preserves the tissue before the injuries become too huge.

In the traditional treatment with crown therapy a lot of the healthy tooth substance are removed. An alternative method of treatment is an adhesive construction of the destroyed tissue. With 12+ years of post-op evidence Dr. Francesca Vailati presents her 3STEP Technique as a minimal invasive option to do so.

  • Dental Erosion Ethiology and Conventional Therapy
  • Ace Classification
  • Introduction of The 3 STEP Technique
  • Treatment Planning for a Full-mouth Rehabilitation
  • Modified 3STEP Technique: Reduction of the Fee and the Time of the Therapy
  • Bruxism and Dysfunctional Occlusion