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Video Lecture 15

The 15 questions

All the patients who break their teeth are dysfunctional”… this statement is too unspecific and does not help clinicians in understanding the different mechanisms of the tooth damage. In this webinar, the garage (maxilla) and the car (mandible) are analysed in their static and dynamic relationship, when this generates conflicts. Considering the anterior functional conflicts, a new classification for dysfunctional patients has been developed. This classification allows to understand better the enormous and too generic group of patients, called bruxers, identifying their conflicts, eliminating them and most of all not creating new ones.

In this lecture you will:

  • Lear to more performant to talk about erosion and dysfunction
  • Look at the shape of the incisal edges and understand the potential risk of failure of the restorations
  • Test if the planned repair can be integrated in the patient’s function, before starting the final restoration